Last of the Patriots


Is being a patriot worth all this?


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Last of the Patriots is an action and adventure game set in a future full of war, though it doesn't focus on the war itself. Rather, it's about the effects war has on those who fight it.

You'll control Sergeant Johnson, a man who loses his entire team in an emergency landing for a routine mission. After that, you'll see how he reacts to the enemy and learn the background of his story in a flashback.

Your goal during the game, then, is to help Johnson survive his complicated life as a military man, facing real problems such as alcoholism and a lack of self-esteem. Of course, you'll also have to shoot from time to time in order to survive, but that's neither the main nor the most important part.

Last of the Patriots is a very special game. Despite its lackluster graphics, it has a great story and a much more interesting message than your average war game.
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